Mikel González Alabau

Videogames Programmer at Firesprite

Valencia, Spain





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About me.

Hello, I am Mikel González Alabau from Spain. I have got an HND in videogames programming at ESAT, and I finished my studies at the UK doing the last year of a BSc (Honours) in Computer Science for Games at Sheffield Hallam University.
My main interests are Gameplay and Graphics. I love implementing mechanics and paying attention to detail, such as getting a good feeling in the basic mechanics of a game and also working with graphics programming.
I also enjoy gaming as a hobby. My favourite saga of games is Gears of wars, but Nintendo games have my interest because of the small quality details they add in their games.

Profesional Projects

Star Citizen - Theaters of war (working title)


Delivering in line the vision of a combined arms mode within the Star Citizen Universe, Firesprite has collaborated closely with Cloud Imperium to create and develop Theaters of War (Working Title).

Theaters of War features intense combined arms combat split into distinct phases, with teams of attackers and defenders fighting for control over multiple objectives on the planet's surface in the early phases with infantry vehicular combat, before taking the battle into the upper atmosphere for control of a facility in a geostationary orbit.

Theaters of War has several thrilling objective based scenarios, designed to simulate historical skirmishes before the current time in Star Citizen's Persistent Universe with high intensity combat between attacking and defending teams, lasting 30 minutes.

Firesprite webpage.

Student Projects

Skomia - Twisted Hammer


Skomia is the final year project of my HND in ESAT. This game was developed by a team of 5 programmers, 5 artists, and 6 musicians.

I was in charge of the implementation of gameplay mechanics such as: all special attacks of the player, some enemies, and the movement of the player in "rails".

And also I have programmed all the menus and HUDs of the game.

This project was done in C++ with Unreal engine 4, having some minor parts like hud specific behaviour in blueprints.

Itch.io webpage.

Multi-threaded OpenGL engine.


As part of the Graphics programming module at ESAT we were asked to make a forward rendering engine from scratch.

I was in charge of multi-thread programming, loading the models from .obj, working with shadow maps, post-process effects, and shaders.

OpenGL engine demo video.



Directx11 assignment done for the real-time 3D techniques for games.

In this assignment we were given a basic framework done in dx11 to work with. This project features node animations, blending between different animations, water shader with reflection and refraction techniques, and skybox applied with a cubemap texture.

Also I have a small engine (WIP) done in dx11 in github: GraphicCookie (Early stage)

Directx11 assignment video.

PS4 graphic abstraction layer.


For this project I was given a functional graphic engine made in Vulkan, and my work is to create an abstraction layer of the engine in the PS4 graphic language (gnm/gnmx).

Adapt the pipeline, layouts and descriptor sets are some examples of the things that I have done with the PS4.

This project was part of my dissertation for my Bachelor's degree in computer science for games.

PS4 sample video.

Personal Projects

Rhythm Wheels.


This game is my second participation in the Ludum dare, but my first one as a group.

The theme of this jam was Combine 2 Incompatible Genres. So we came with the idea of mixing musical games with racing. The idea of the main mechanic of the game was taken from the well know Guitar Hero games and mix it with a race against more drivers.

My part in this game was to program the (AI) of the cars and the link with the guitar hero mechanic.

This project was done in unity 3D. You can find a more detailed description of the game and the team that I was part of at the Ludum Dare game page..

Supermarket Madness! Search for a star 2018.


This is my entry for a contest based in the UK by grads in games.

This is a 2-4 player competitive game, that you have to search for a given item, pick it up and take it to a checkout. Players can punch each other, to take advantage or just to make them drop the items they are carrying.

This project was done in unity 3D.

Itch.io game page.

CowPow! Ludum Dare 39.


This was my first participation in a game jam. This time was the Ludum Dare the 39th edition in which was really fun to participate.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere the Ludum dare, and all the people playing others games and giving feedback to them.

This project was done in unity 3D.

LDJam cowpow page.